Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another 30 mins till the end of my break. Gonna spend this time to update. Well, as you know, I'm always busy with attachment and I've got only one off day every week. I have the urge to update but I'm just too exhausted. Btw, I've been working in Isetan for the past 2 weeks instead of warehouse. It's really boring down here. The sales in Isetan wasn't as good compared to Robinsons. Still, I'd rather work in the warehouse doing price taggings. It's really much better. I still have one more week to endure! And I hope I don't have to continue working till 23rd Dec though I'm short of money. I miss those freedom days I had. And not work everyday. Report not done yet. But am doing it tmr because it's my off day! ;)

Alright, I shall put a stop here. Using my itouch to post that's why no pictures.

Bye earthlings! I miss my readers and friends very much! <3

Monday, October 11, 2010

Work was a disaster today. We(the girls) got scolded by the boss because the worker went to complain to her. So in other words, she is gonna continue working. So jealous of Baby and the boys. Even though work was tiring for them, they seemed to be enjoying it because they can joke around happily with the supervisors. They even got compliments from the boss. Unlike us, complains and nagging is all we get for a week plus. Everyday gotta pull a long face. I doubt my report is gonna be good. Confirm GG.

Sigh, what a bad start of the week!
Will I be able to endure for the rest of the 8 weeks?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Haven't been updating recently because I couldn't find the time to. Too busy with work already. :( If you had followed my twitter or facebook, you should know I'm having my attachment for these two months now. Work was easy but hectic seriously. Monday to Saturday, I have to wake up as early as six to prepare for work. Everyday less than 8 hours of sleep, that explains my dark circles. >:( And I've got a really bad eating habit for the past weeks, gaining alot of weight. Plus, I just had Canadian pizza with my mum for dinner just awhile ago. <: But I'm gonna start my slimming plan tomorrow! Even though I've got not much time to exercise, I'm gonna cut down on my eating habits! A meal per day. :) Wellllll, hopefully I can resist the temptation. I really wanna be slim like those girls out there and wear whatever I want!! Won't have to trouble over with what to wear and all. And I also can kill two birds with one stone!! Can slim down and save up some money at the same time! Shall convince myself with that. Hehe.

Alright, laptop's batt running low! Shall stop here. Adios~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same."

Madly in love with this beautiful amazing song.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello there!

Was unable to blog yesterday because I came home late.

Caught the new movie, Devil at The Cathay with Baby.

The movie was about a group of strangers trapped in an office elevator. And among one them, is the Devil. Guess who's the Devil? My guess from the start of the movie was wrong all along. I didn't expect that the Devil turned out to be ______.  Of course, I won't reveal it here. You gotta watch it yourself. But I'd say the movie was kinda thrilling. That's my personal opinions lah.

I had team building in school today. It was extremely boring! If not for my teacher, I wouldn't have turn up. It ended around 5 plus and headed to lot 1 after school with my usual clique. Shihui bought some stuffs from Pets Lover again. She had a hard time deciding what to get. And I can't wait for her to bring Lovey back home!! Can't wait to see that cute lil' puppy. Hehehe.

Going Shihui's house tomorrow for movie marathon! Excited!!

That's me with Bombom! So cuteeeeeeeee!!! :D

And that's all folks! I'm off to watch The Vampire Diaries now. Adios~